Moohah, Our Deeply Loved Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van is for Sale

Top of the Line 2016 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter Adventure Van for Sale for $138,000

We're selling our top-of-the-line van buildout by ADF Sprinters, the premier van builder and licensed Mercedes-Benz outfitter in Southern California. This 2016 Mercedes Sprinter van 144 is the ultimate social distance adventure vehicle—no more worries about canceled flights, questionable hotels, or dirty public restrooms. It's a very comfortable way to explore North America at a safe social distance, whether you're traveling solo, with a partner, or with the whole family. 

This is the perfect modular build to allow your adventure van to conform to your immediate needs. The powder-coated, lightweight aluminum bed frames can easily be removed for loading, moving, cargo, stashing bikes, or loading up surfboards.  

A custom-made 2-seater bench can be put in behind the Mercedes-Benz factory 3-seater bench to convert the van to a people-mover/party-bus mode, allowing you to safely move up to 7 humans. 

When the bed is in, the Sprinter van is nicely compartmentalized with an upper sleeping area and a lower area that is high enough for storage, bikes, and even using the toilet. 


See the whole build on @moohahvanadventures

My two daughters (now 10 and 13) and I designed this van—which they named Moohah—together as a post-divorce bonding experience. You may have been following #vanlife on Instagram and come across our account, @moohahvanadventures, where we documented the whole build and our travels. Moohah has taken us on ski vacations, camping trips, to many National Parks, surfing, solar eclipse viewing, and to semi-formal father-daughter dances.

Moohah also inspired us to start a family business selling custom van window covers ( and even directly led me to the new love of my life and the girls’ stepmom. Suffice it to say, this van has some magical energy.  


We are going to be very sad to part with Moohah, but we're also extremely excited to help you fulfill your own vanlife dreams. This adventure van has great vibes, great memories, and there could not be better karma with any vehicle!


Our golden retriever, Lewis, loves the van as well. It’s been his second home since we picked him up in it as a puppy. Your dog will love it, too. The Lonseal laminate floors are super easy to clean, and the additional AC unit and fans mean the dog can be left in a temperature-controlled van, even when you're away doing human things.  


The van is filled with creature comforts and super fun details, like the #teamyellowfridge my girls rallied so hard for, teal powder coating on the bed frames, and color-changing LED lights. (By the way, if yellow's not your thing, you can easily swap the panel out for another color.)


The Specs

  • 2016 144 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500 4x4
  • 66,000 miles explored (plus an extended 6 year/150,000 mile Mercedes-Benz warranty)


  • Brand new (6/22/20) General Grabber LT275/70 R17 ATX off-road tires
  • Method Racing rims
  • Custom made running boards by ADF (these run the length of both sides of the van and protect the body from rocks, obstacles, and shopping carts)
  • Custom back step by ADF (great for easy loading)
  • Shore power (plug in to any power and all systems run off electricity)
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (recharges the solar and recharges by driving the van)
  • 110W Solar Panel by Zamp Solar (keeps the fridge running 24/7 and works in concert with the rechargeable lithium ion battery)
  • Additional AC unit in rear (great for passengers during long drives and helps temperature control)
  • Retractable Awning by Carefree of Colorado
  • Custom roof rack by ADF (our favorite place to sleep when camping. Great for additional storage).
  • Custom ladder by ADF
  • Two skylights
  • Heated shower (rear exterior of the van for getting sand off after the beach, dirt off after hiking, or put up the exterior shower curtain for the perfect nature camp shower)
  • 25 gallon easy-to-fill water tank
  • Ventible CR Lawrence windows
  • Ventible HEHR windows
  • Cradlepoint Wi-Fi and cell booster (toggles back and forth between carriers, depending on who has better coverage in certain areas)
  • Dometic Fantastic Fan (perfectly lined up with the side windows so it pulls cool air through the bed loft area while you’re sleeping)
  • Isotherm refrigerator (the Instagram famous #teamyellowfridge that can easily be changed to any color your desire)
  • Touch lighting throughout the van
  • Electrical outlets and charging stations throughout the van; USB ports and outlets near the bed
  • Heated swivel captain seats and parking brake with drop-down handle
  • Mercedes-Benz leatherette seats
  • ADF converted 2-person Mercedes bench seat (With beds out, the van converts to people mover / party bus mode to move 7 people)
  • Easy-to-use and store butcher block eating table (we swivel the captain seats and put the table between them to create a cozy dining area)
  • Folding butcher block table (we use this to hold our camp stove and make coffee)
  • Above-cab storage (padded and lined)
  • Storage cabinets throughout (all cabinet interiors are lined and cushioned for a quiet drive and all cabinet exteriors have rounded and padded corners and edges so no painful head bumps).
  • Van fully insulated by ADF
  • Cushioned and padded tan fabric interior throughout the van. Great padding for heads and keeps the van quiet on the road (well, as quiet as a huge adventure van can be, anyway)
  • Reinforced ceiling with L-track for hanging/storage/hammock 
  • Reinforced L-track throughout the van for modular storage 
  • Dometic sink with collapsible faucet
  • Microwave (operates off shore power or engine)
  • Brand new Thetford Curve Porta Potti toilet
    • Cassette toilet that is very easy to move and completely clean; totally removable, easy to wash, clean and purify inside and out. Battery-operated flush. The high seat feels like a real toilet. It even has its own integrated toilet roll holder. We love this model of toilet!
  • ESPAR high altitude diesel heating (heats the van and water)
  • ADF custom-made light-weight removable bed frame with super comfortable memory foam mattress (easily sleeps 2 adults, or 1 adult and 2 kids)
  • Rainbow lights throughout (these can be set to any color to set the mode of the van. We use these lights all the time and love them)
  • Butcher block countertops
  • Rigid Industries illuminating light bar (I love this thing!)
  • Four exterior scene lights (both sides and rear)
  • Mercedes-Benz factory back-up cam
  • Laminate Lonseal faux wood flooring throughout the van
  • Brand new custom insulated blackout window covers throughout (these are made by our family business, Moohah Creatives. You will be able to choose any design or custom fabric you want to personalize your van for the next chapter of her adventures). 
This van has brought us so many places and brought us closer together as a family. We have explored and grown because of this van. We have created and built a family business. This van has brought so much to our lives. Mostly, this van has taught us to trust the future and embrace the unknown. She has taught us to do big things. We will be sad to see her go, and will be so happy for her to adventure forth and bring happiness and adventure to her next lucky crew. 

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