Last year, my two young daughters took over the design of my 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter.  They named the van MOOHAH. 



Immediately, my ideas of a dark, rough-and-tough 4x4 gave way to their much more creative visions of bright colors, handmade fabrics, and bohemian designs.  We traveled all over the Western United States in MOOHAH, making memories every day. 


People followed MOOHAH and fell in love with the girls' unique designs like the yellow fridge, African mudcloth window coverings, bright serape blankets, teal accents, and even rainbow lights that my youngest daughter almost always set on what she called Unicorn Pink. 


Letting my young girls design an Adventure Van was the craziest thing I had ever done.  Until the day they said they had a great idea for a company . . .